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Exclusive Love

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Many Christians know that sex before marriage is said to be wrong. Yet many wonder if the Bible actually teaches this. Oscar Lohuis demonstrates how beautiful it is to save a sexual relationship for your own spouse, offering eight clear reasons to wait until mar- riage. Lohuis shows that God gives us this rule of life for our own good and for the best possible functioning of society, because He wants marriages and families to be happy.

Exclusive Love is written for young people and people who want to get married, but it is also intended as a prompt for conversation between generations, since talking about topics related to romantic relationships, sexuality and marriage does not seem to come natu- rally.
The book also contains sixty relevant discussion questions, specially prepared for people who may want to get married and covering a variety of topics related to marriage.

Auther Oscar Lohuis
Paperback 128 pages
First print May 2023